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Relume React Docs

A React + Tailwind component library built with the Relume design system.

Our initial beta release includes 100 finely crafted Sections along with common UI Elements like Button, Carousel, Dialog etc. Components are written using Tailwind CSS and follow the Relume design system with the same variables used in our world class Figma Library.

Relume React

The React components are written in Typescript and are fully typed with props. The full source code for each section can be copy/pasted directly from the Relume Library providing full flexibility and control over the functionality, markup and CSS.

We use component props for variable content like headings, descriptions, images, buttons etc make it easier to connect them to a Headless CMS or feed them a structured data source like JSON.

This is only the start. Over the next year we plan to release all 1000+ components and reach feature parity with the Webflow library. We are also planning full integration with the Sitebuilder so you can generate and export entire landing pages and sites to React.